Private Label Service

Third party production

We deal with third party production and private label service.

We produce for third parties’ companies offering a private customized label service going through the whole manufacturing process and making our thirty-years’ experience at our customers’ disposal when necessary.

We are producers, this means that we make available to our customers our team’s experience, to design, produce and deliver the best possible product. Our production chain starts with the design step and the choice of the best suitable fabric to the item of clothing, with the help of our designers, in accordance with the customer’s creative needs. The next step is the production, using technological production-means. Here is where ideas take shape to create the first model of the garment. Later, if the model proves satisfactory, we proceed with the mass production of the product, and finally with its distribution: rapid and accurate.

Production and private label services are thought for the customers that are owner of companies, entrepreneurs, young designers who want to promote their brand.

We give space to your creativity, we give birth to your ideas.

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