star quality

The company is specialised in the B2B sector dedicated to menswear for the wholesale market, producing all its items in-house and ensuring a top quality production for the proposed collections.

MMstudio has thirty years of experience in the international wholesale market, enabling it to guarantee a continuous supply to its customer traders and buyers, with rapid deliveries and the possibility of re-ordering any garment in a very short space of time.

The company’s distinctive mission includes the commitment to making important investments in researching more appropriate materials for its new lines and to using increasingly state-of-the-art, hi-tech production machinery. Its highly-qualified staff manages and controls the entire process, striving to enhance even the tiniest detail of each and every garment.


MMstudio is based in the city of Prato and operates in the menswear segment of the wholesale market, where the end customer’s interest in and demand for products are always on the upturn, but the supply is never sufficient.

Founded in the early 1990s as a small company specialised in producing leather coats and jackets, its line of business soon evolved to also encompass not only the ready-to-wear segment but also scheduled collections. With a distinct international vocation, today the company exports all over Europe, to North America and the Middle East, and it is considered to be one of the most important within its industry.

The company is composed of a dynamic, creative team, with all its production based in Italy, and specifically in the area that has made the textile industry its own distinctive trademark. The extensive menswear collection is created by in-house designers, with a constant focus on the latest trends and the quality of the materials used.

In addition to proposing a full range of wholesale products and rapid management of all the phases of the production process to meet the needs of its customer companies, MMstudio also offers a unbeatable quality-price ratio for all the products manufactured.


The company produces over 2,000,000 garments per year, creating entire collections of menswear for its customers in the wholesale market. It designs lines of clothing for third party accounts offering customised collections designed to suit the requirements of important international companies, chain stores and on-trend brands.

It produces for the wholesale market in Italy and abroad and adapts its products to meet its customers’ requirements, always respecting the set deadlines and applying great care in every single phase of the production process.

Its range is constantly updated, and features t-shirts, shirts, trousers, outerwear, leather jackets, bags, belts and various accessories for a complete outfit range. Graphic prints and innovative details are created using accurate tools that preserve the quality of the garments, offering a wide range of fashion items for men that are perfect for all occasions.